Positive Wellness

  Finding the Strength to Get Trauma Counseling

Trauma is one of the most devastating mental health conditions. When you are involved in some type of traumatic event, it changes the function of the brain. For some people, it may become common to relive the same traumatic feelings you once had. For others, you may become fearful of living your life because you are worried something bad will happen again. At Pandolfi Counseling Associates, Inc., we can  provide you with the trauma counseling you need to move your future forward.

Overcoming the Fear through positive wellness

When you work with a clinical social worker, you will have the opportunity to work through what has happened. The goal here is not to relive what occurred – no one wants you to be exposed to that pain again. Rather, it is important for you to come to terms with what has happened so you can move forward with your life, through encouragement and positive wellness.

What happened to you may have changed your life and created a change in your thought patterns. It may have impacted the quality of life you had for some time in the past. Yet, it is possible for you to find a way to move forward. It seems easy to say and impossible to do, but with trauma counseling, you can be confident again.


You can even be happy and successful again.

No matter how challenging life may seem to be right now, there is a way forward that can be better.  Pandolfi Counseling Associates, Inc., wants to help you. Reach out to our clinical social worker to learn more about the trauma counseling and positive wellness services we offer. Find out how to get started and begin receiving the care you need. We are available through telehealth and virtual appointments right now.