Counseling for Trauma or Abuse

Have you been a witness to, or involved in a traumatic incident such as a natural disaster or man-made acts of violence? Have you observed abuse, or been a victim of abuse?  


Maybe you've been through the devastation of a hurricane, flood, or earthquake that destroyed your home. Maybe you saw terrible things in the wreckage that keep playing over in your mind, even years later.


You might even be feeling traumatized from watching too much of the news when reports of terrorism, war, and refugee migrations, are constantly broadcast. Such awful, though distant views of violence may be touching on something that happened in your own family's history.


If so, you might be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD).


Feeling deeply distressed by such things is a normal human response. But when that distress interferes with your ability to enjoy your life, have good relationships, and be productive at work, it's time to do something about it.


The effects of trauma and abuse can be long lasting, provoking:


  • nightmares and daytime flashbacks

  • high expectation of the incident happening again

  • inability to remember details of the event

  • constant, obsessive awareness of potential dangers

  • an exaggerated need for control

  • sudden "flying off the handle" or "shutting down"

  • almost frantic avoidance of locations of abuse or trauma

  • intrusive thoughts about violence and destruction

  • inability to trust others and accept their kindness

  • aggressive, reckless, destructive behavior

  • irrational blaming of others

  • re-experiencing due to triggering sounds, smells, tastes, sights, etc

  • reactions of fighting or fleeing


If you are struggling with some of these effects, we are here to help.


Trauma and abuse are difficult to move beyond on your own.  It's hard to restore the feeling that you can survive, but it is possible to do so with professional help. It's a sign of wisdom and strength to reach out for assistance.


To end the struggle of PTSD.

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