Counseling for Family Issues, Relationships and Divorce

Do family conflicts make your home life miserable?

Not getting along with your partner or family? Feeling like you are verbally abused or arguing all the time? 


When others in your household are constantly at each other, you can feel pulled into their fights against your will.  They try to get you to take sides. And maybe you feel like you have to be the enforcer and peacemaker.  It is nearly impossible not to feel aggravated in that kind of situation.


It's frustrating to live in such a tension-filled home. What you want is for the conflict to stop. But you don't know how to make that happen.


Family or individual counseling can help.


Whether conflicts are with your spouse or your kids, or both, when home feels like battleground, you aren't getting the emotional support and bonding that can carry you through other pressures of the workplace and world in general.


It doesn't have to be this way.


As your relationship specialist in overcoming family and relationship problems,  we can help.


The steps to a peaceful, nurturing homelife

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Nothing gets better by waiting.



Are relationship problems becoming a pattern?

Maybe all you really want is to have a positive relationship with others, such as your family, partner, friends, and neighbors.  Or maybe you've had a string of romances that have ended in heartache, and you're wishing you change that, but you don't know how.


Relationship of all types are surprisingly complicated. You want to be honest without being unkind, assertive without being rude,  open-minded without losing your own principles, emotionally available without being taken advantage of.


Most people don't learn how to balance all that as they are growing up -- because parents may not have known how, either.


With relationship counseling, you can learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You can develop skills in being more accepting and in control 

when faced with frustrating situations with others.


Working with me can help you have more satisfying relationships.

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Feeling lost after divorce,
uncertain how to start over?

Has divorce left you feeling bitter, or shy and awkward about looking for a new relationship?  Are you still overwhelmed and angry, and reeling from the changes you never wanted to happen?


Divorce can leave you frustrated, and pressured as a single parent. Even if you don't have children, there are new feelings of guilt, new dilemmas to solve, and new fears about financial stability and being alone in the world.


You might sense that your friends don't understand, that your family is pushing too hard for you to just put all the hurt behind you and move on. 


That's why we know we can help. 


Post-divorce counseling can renew your positive attitude, regain your self-confidence, restore your sense of balance, and put you on track to find a new loving partner.


As your relationship specialist, we will help you figure out how to manage everything with grace and strength. 


You deserve to be happy again.

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Your new life is waiting for you.




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