Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Do you struggle with depression?

Depression like few of us have seen before

is the condition of the day.  

You are not alone.


You might be wondering how you can move forward in your life when you feel stuck where you are. And that's a concern we commonly hear from clients.


It’s tough wake up each day feeling worn out before you barely get out of bed.  When you're depressed, you feel tired all the time, but no matter how much sleep you get, it isn't restful and refreshing. 


You might think that talking to a counselor won't help. But good research shows that it does. 


Pandolfi Counseling Associates is here to help.


Depression often produces a poor appetite. Maybe you're eating too much junk food for a quick pick-you-up, but soon those empty calories just lower your energy. Or maybe you have no appetite at all. Either way, your body and brain aren't getting nourished, so the depressed feelings get deeper.


It's true what you've heard about food being medicine. And I can help you review how your meals and snacks can help your mind and emotions feel more in balance and happy.


Depression can show up as a constantly negative and irritable mood. Without good counseling, these traits can ruin relationships, and even put your job at risk if your work performance is affected. 


As a solution focused specialist,  we are here to help you end the depression-driven interpersonal conflicts.


Depression shuts you off from taking an interest in the possibilities around you, and robs you of the motivation to keep trying to climb out of its grasp.   It makes you think things will stay bleak like this forever -- but that doesn't have to be true for you. 


As your healthy living specialist in overcoming depression, Pandolfi Counseling Associates will offer a lot of ways to help.  Make an appointment now, and let's get you on track to ending the struggle with depression.

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Get the change you want.


Feeling both anxious and depressed?

Anxiety often occurs with depression, 

making feel anxious and scared as well as

negative, apathetic, and depressed.


Such anxiety can be

the cause of many sleepless nights.


Anxiety and depression are often related, and counseling can help you find the root cause and restore you to a balanced, energetic, and confident life.


Many people worry about feeling bad about themselves, wanting to withdraw from friends, or too easily frustrated with family. Others feel deeply sad and lonely, but too nervous about getting rejected or criticized in public to risk reaching out.


This is one of the confusing ways that both anxiety and depression can be complicating your life.


Anxiety can take many forms.  Maybe for you it is showing up in being constantly nervous about the impression you are making, so you try to control situations that are better left alone.


Or perhaps you have a habit of thinking every small or unexpected change will have catastrophic results -- and think about everything that could go wrong sends you into panic attacks.


Sometimes when you've lived in fear for a long time, it's hard to relax and go with the flow.  When possibilities look dangerous or undesireable, and you feel afraid, it's easy to slip into also having the depressive traits of feeling hopeless or helpless.


You can end this vicious cycle. Counseling will help.


If you're feeling your opportunities to succeed in life are slipping away,

I can help you find the creative alternatives you want and need for taking smart, bold action in the face of fear.


Contact us today, and start turning your life around.

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