Counseling for Cultural or Life Transitions

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?

Forced to change careers at mid-life?

Recently immigrated or relocated?


Dealing with a major life or cultural transition such as these can leave you feeling scared, anxious, confused, or disoriented. It might be hard to know what to do next, especially if the change in your life was sudden, unwanted, or much different than you imagined it would be.


You may not know what to expect from life now. And that is distressing, especially if you have be used to feeling in control of your choices.


This period of adjustment you are going through may feel overwhelming, and there's no good way to know when that feeling will end.


Counseling can help.


If the transition you are currently navigating is that of grief, I can offer you these keypoints to keep in mind:


  • everyone grieves differently

  • grief comes in waves

  • feeling sad after a loss is normal, yet painful

  • grief sometimes takes 2 years or so to move through

  • men and women may grieve differently

  • children grieve too by acting up or feeling sick

  • giving yourself permission to grieve is important



While grief is a very personal and internal process, counseling can help you manage the sadness, the decisions, and the overwhelm.


It's possible to grieve the loss of a job, of a position of status, a previous community, and the traditions and familiarity of the family or country in which you were born. Even when the change has been made for a good reason, even when you wanted the transition, grieve can well up when some kind of loss is felt.


So transitions of many kinds can be difficult, and the grief that happens can catch you by surprise because in every instance of beginning something new, something else is likely left behind.


Counseling will help you feel empowered and secure with your change process.


Starting over again is one of the toughest things you can be asked to do. Most of us, at one point in our lives, are forced to do exactly that, and usually, we're unprepared for all the little changes that come with the big transitions.


It can be frustrating to feel like a stranger in a strange land -- emotionally or literally. I'd like to help you know what your best options are and help you feel confident again.


Whether you're reeling from the loss of a loved one, the separation from your family, or the severance from a job, taking control of your new circumstances is an important part of turning around your life.​


Don't put this off.

Learn to see change as a good thing.

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You'll be glad you did.



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